Board Of Education

Doug Logel
Mr. Logel
Title: Trustee

Election/Appointment Date:  6/14/2018                                              Seat Expires/Next Election: 2022

Born and raised in Portland, he graduated from Portland St. Patrick's.  He holds a Master's degree from MSU and a Bachelor's degree from CMU (Fire up Chips!).  He is a local business owner and his wife Amy and him have 3 children in Portland Public Schools. Along with his Board of Education service he is also on the Portland Community Fund Board, is an active volunteer with Backpacks for Bellies and was on the Portland Fire Department for over 18 years.  Doug believes that student success looks different for each student whether that be college, technical career training or workforce preparation.  If you see him around at one of the many events that he attends, come up and say hello.